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Galvanized Steel Pallets


ZETA™ Pallets

The ZETA series sheet metal galvanized steel pallets have a unique design and are lightest in the market. They've been developed to be as light as possible without making any compromise in its strength and durability. They are easy to maintain, affordable, non-flammable and recyclable.




The ZETA steel pallets are designed to be lightest on the market. This aspect makes them easier to handle, there by reducing the risk of injury during its handling.


Unlike, plastic and wooden pallets the galvanized steel ZETA pallets are highly resistant to harsh conditions. The galvanized steel used in these pallets makes them rustproof, assuring a long life.


Their lightweight design amounts to lower input costs, which then corresponds to lower processing costs. This makes galvanized steel ZETA pallets highly cost-effective.

High Loading Capacity

The corrugated design of ZETA pallets provides it more strength to withstand heavy loads. One of the strongest on the market, they can withstand a static load of up to 6500 kg and a dynamic load of up to 2000 kg.


The galvanized steel ZETA pallets are easy to maintain. They can be easily washed with water without having the risk of rust, contamination, pest and mold infestation.


The ZETA pallets weldless design makes it very exclusive on the market. The design can be used to manufacture Aluminium and  Stainless Steel pallets, there by making is suitable for hygienic applications also.


The galvanized steel ZETA pallets are totally recyclable and hence, environmental friendly. They also provide a better return value in comparison to the wooden and plastic pallets.


The galvanized steel ZETA pallets are fire resistant and do not get damaged when exposed to high temperature. They also do not emit any toxic emissions due to fire or excessive thermal pressure.

Our galvanized steel ZETA pallets are available in different variants to cater to our customer specific needs. From light duty to heavy duty applications, we have different variants for different requirements in terms of their application, dimensions, and loading capacity. The ZETA pallets are offered both in 2-way and 4-way configuration.

ZETA™ Pallets Comparison Chart


The galvanized steel ZETA pallets are light-weight, durable, cost-effective, repairable, recyclable, non-flammable and easy to maintain. The design is so versatile that a large variety of loading capacities and applications can be covered without having to spend more than needed. They are quite apt for warehouse and export tasks.

We offer you a free technical consultation to help you analyze your needs to choose the perfect solution. 

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