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Collapsible Mesh Box


Collapsible Mesh Box or Foldable Gitterbox

Collapsible Mesh Box or Foldable Gitterboxes are widely recognized as essential material handling units within the industry. These metal containers have an approximate weight of 70 kg and a volumetric capacity of around 0.8 m3. Each box can accommodate a load of up to 1500 kg, and by stacking multiple boxes, a maximum capacity of 6000 kg can be achieved.


Foldable Gitterboxes reduces warehouse and transport space, offers stackability, minimizes damage, assembles or folds quickly, and suits both internal and external use.

Space and Cost Savings

A safe and ergonomic product that is easy to handle, offers convenient assembly and disassembly by one person, ensures easy visibility even when packed and stacked.

Ergonomic Product

With its durable construction and maintenance-friendly design for easy replacement of damaged parts, this product ensures low maintenance costs.

Low Maintenance

Following standard options are available

a. Half drop down option

b. Wider side detachable option

c. Opening from both side

Standard Options

The collapsible and foldable mesh cages are easy to handle and a cost-effective alternative to European UIC Gitterboxes. They are perfect for storing and handling bulk components  and spare parts eliminating the need for packing. They are quite flexible and popular solution for industrial warehouse stacking.

Collapsible Mesh Cage or Foldable Gitterbox


Foldable Gitterboxes are welded and powder coated. They are very suitable for extremely dynamic conditions like during transportation. Be it frequent loading or unloading of heavy goods or accidental improper handling, they sustain everything without getting significantly damaged. 

We offer you a free technical consultation to help you analyze your needs to choose the perfect solution. 

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