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We are known for our quality products and processes.

Sterling Tools has been serving the high precision sheet metal component industry since 1988. With an experience of over three decades in the industry, we have established our footprint by serving our customers in various industries by producing durable and cost-effective products. We have designed and produced press tools, sheet metal components and sub-assemblies for various sectors such as agriculture, automotive, chemical valve, food, and railways.


We tailor all your high-volume productions to your needs. Our team carefully develops the design and production processes to achieve this. Where others solely depend upon conventional techniques of production, we test and devise alternative modes of production to either reduce the production time or cost of the product or to satisfy any other requirements our customers might have. In that way our customers obtain extremely precise and ready to process products cost-effectively and reliably.


Ours is a second-generation family owned business. We have a culture of reliability, tolerance, open-mindedness and a sense of accountability within our company and that can always be expected from us. Locally grown – expanding worldwide: our customers across India, Asia and Europe appreciate it!

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