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Locally grown - Constantly evolving.

When Sterling Tools started its one-man operation in Hubli 1988 with job work in the form of press tools and dies development, the local industry quickly recognized the company's potential: By mid 90s Sterling Tools was already able to begin industrial production with its first employees, manufacturing formed sheet metal parts. Back then especially, customers included the valve industry, in need of valve levers, notch plates, clips and bushes.

A change in the valve industry

The local industry was oriented towards manufacturing of various valves for the Indian and International market. Back in early 90s, the valves were operated using levers manufactured from cast iron. Cast iron manufactured levers not only lacked strength and were difficult to produce but also relatively expensive. Sterling Tools took that up as a challenge and was first to design and develop hand levers made out of sheet metal. With a rapidly growing valve industry the company became an industrial mass producer, which called for addition of more workforce.

Custom made products for new customers

With addition of many new customers by early 2000s arose a need for more cost-effective and eccentric techniques to produce economical products for large scale production in a rapid manner. That led to focusing on research and development to constantly expand company's know-how to tackle new problems and expand into different fields like automotive and railways. 

Variety in competencies for all industries

Currently our varied product capacities in sheet metal manufactured parts as well as complex techniques have made us the company that still serves its oldest customers. We are your one stop for design, engineering, tool-making and quality production. Our domestic and international customers appreciate this expertise and our innovative know-how.

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