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Steel Pallets


Sterling Tools offers you a wide choice of steel pallets. Our steel pallets are available in powder coated as well as galvanized steel  finish. They are designed to be light, strong, durable and easy to maintain. The super-resistant corrugated surface combined with tubular and non-tubular design gives our steel pallets a very long life cycle.


Galvanized Steel ZETA Pallet

ZETA Pallets are extremely light-weight and durable galvanized steel/GI pallets. They are suitable for export and storage applications.


Heavy Duty Corrugated Steel Pallet

Corrugated Steel Pallets are suitable for heavy duty loading applications. They are powder coated and can bear loads up to 5000kg.


Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Pallet

Tubular Steel Pallets are an extension of our corrugated pallet design. They are fabricated using tubes and can take up loads up to 7000kg.


Post Pallet (Scaffolding Stillage)

Post Pallets or Scaffolding Stillages are extension of tubular pallets specifically suitable for storage of load sensitive materials of large sizes.


Collapsible Mesh Box (Gitterbox)

Collapsible Mesh Box or Foldable Gitterbox are a perfect solution for storage and transportation of large number of small sized parts.


Collapsible Steel Cage (Stillage Cage)

Collapsible Steel Cage or Stillage Pallet Cage is a safe and tough storage solution of unsorted small or bulky parts which can even be heavy.


Heavy Duty Stacking Steel Pallet

Heavy Duty Stacking Steel Pallets are commonly used for storage and handling of feed bags in food, animal feed and chemical industry.

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