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Caring makes us stronger.

We’re well aware of the responsibility we, as a business, have to our employees, the environment and future generations and fulfill it through sustainable management and our comprehensive environmental management system.

We try to conserve our resources by incorporating frugality into all of our activities. This is our contribution to preserving the environment. Our goal is to manufacture all products in a way which guarantees we always protect the safety and health of our employees – and keeping impact on the environment as low as possible.

We further encourage our entire team to always be careful and eco-friendly. We accordingly operate our equipment keeping efficient power and material use in mind. We avoid creating waste wherever we can, recycle residual waste and dispose of the remaining waste using safe and responsible methods.

So we not only comply with environmental protection laws, regulations and standards, but continue to further our commitment in the interest of continuous improvement. We routinely track our progress in a measurable manner. 

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