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Collapsible Steel Cage


Collapsible Steel Cage or Stillage Pallet Cage

The Collapsible Steel Cage or Stillage Pallet Cage is a stackable transport and storage cage ideal for production, warehousing and component storage applications. Easily collapsible for space saving during transport, fitted with drop down gates on 2 sides and can be transported with either a forklift or a pallet jack. 


Heavy Duty Application

The collapsible steel cages offers a safe working load of up to 2000kg with possibility of placing them on racks as well as stacking them.

Large Storage Space

The two standard cages 1150x1150mm and 2200x1150mm provide massive space for not only small unsorted parts but also bulky products.

Outdoor Usage

The steel cages are available in hot dip galvanized finish which makes them highly suitable for volatile outdoor environment.


The steel cages are easily customizable. They are available in sheet as well as mesh base. They are also available with half-drop gates or with non-foldable gates.

The Collapsible Stillage Pallet Cage incorporates a large sheet metal base and two half-drop sides in its design. When not in use, it can be conveniently folded down and stacked alongside your other units, thereby creating additional usable floor area within your warehouse.

Collapsible Steel Cage or Stillage Pallet Cage


Collapsible steel cages undergo welding and can be galvanized or powder coated according to customer specifications. These cages also excel in highly dynamic situations, such as transportation, where they endure frequent loading, unloading of heavy goods, and accidental mishandling, all while remaining largely undamaged.

We offer you a free technical consultation to help you analyze your needs to choose the perfect solution. 

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