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Heavy Duty Steel Pallets


Heavy Duty Corrugated Steel Pallets

The Heavy Duty Corrugated Top Steel Pallets are suitable for extremely heavy-duty application (loading up to 5000 kg). The combination of tubular structure and corrugated profiles makes it more resistant against deformations due to heavy loading as well as more durable for long term usage.


  • The number of top decks and the structure design can be customized to suit customer requirement.

  • Decks can be added to the bottom side of the pallet depending upon the loading conditions.

Load Bearing Capacity

The pallets are highly suitable for heavy duty applications and can withstand a dynamic loading of up to 2500 kg and static loading of up to 5000 kg.


The pallets can be stacked upon each other if the loading goods are not pressure sensitive.


The pallets are suitable for selective, drive-in, flow and push back type racking. 

Surface Finish

The pallets can be powder coated, epoxy coated or galvanized as required by the customer.

Suitable MHE

2/4 Way Design

Anti-skid Effect


The pallets can be operated using forklifts, stackers as well as hand pallet truck. 

In order to make the pallets cost effective, separate pallet designs for 2 way as well as 4 way pallet handling available. 

The combination of tubes and corrugated decks reduces the damage to the pallet due to frequent forklift operations and hence, increases its life.

The corrugated design of the decks improves the anti-skid effect of the goods and are resistant against deformations due to heavy loading.

Our Heavy Duty Corrugated Top Steel Pallets are available in various standard as well as custom sizes. From medium duty to heavy duty applications, we have different size and weight dependent sub-variants for different requirements in terms of their application, dimensions, and loading capacity. Here's the chart to give you a brief idea.

Heavy Duty Corrugated Top Steel Pallet


The heavy duty corrugated steel pallets are powder coated and welded. This makes them suitable for storage and warehousing applications. Depending upon the application and loading condition, they can be further customized so that they are just right for the intended use. The process of design and virtually testing them using computer simulations enables us to provide you a perfect solution. 

We offer you a free technical consultation to help you analyze your needs to choose the perfect solution. 

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