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Heavy Duty Stacking Pallets


Heavy Duty Stacking or Feed/Grain Storage Steel Pallet


The feed storage stacking steel pallets offers a safe working load of up to 3000kg with possibility of placing them on racks as well as stacking them.

Large Storage Space

The stacking pallets are available from 1200x800m all the way up to 2400x2400mm in size. With high load bearing capability, they are suitable for large storage in relatively small area.

Long life

The rugged design and welding construction of these pallets enables them to be functionable with an average life of over 10 years.

Ergonomic Design

The stacking pallets are reversible in nature. In addition to that, their curved and unexposed edge design makes them safe for storage commodities as well as the operator.

The Heavy Duty Stacking Steel Pallets are quite sturdy in construction and have a better life in comparison to the conventionally used wooden and plastic pallets which generally are not durable even in best usable conditions. They can be stacked over each when not in use as well as when loaded with feed bags.

The Heavy Duty Stacking Pallet type is a storage pallet that is predominantly used for animal feed/grain, agriculture food and chemical storage facilities. These pallets have quite high stacking capability making them a suitable choice for storage of as much as 9000kg of a material in a relatively small area. Easy customization and production friendly design enables us to offer competitive solution based upon customer requirement.

Heavy Duty Application

Heavy Duty Feed Bags Stacking Pallet


The Heavy Duty Stacking Pallets are welded and powder coated. Be it single or double height, small sized or large sized pallet, they are easily customizable and producible in different configurations and sizes. Frequent loading or unloading of heavy goods or accidental improper handling, they sustain everything without getting significantly damaged. 

We offer you a free technical consultation to help you analyze your needs to choose the perfect solution. 

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